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The Denver protest rally will be held on the west capitol steps at noon. Be the Change USA is one of the supporting organizations for this protest rally so we expect “Team Blue” to have a significant turnout. Leadership for the Denver event has come from Senator Ken Gordon, the Interfaith Alliance and several other organizations. The Boulder protest will be at noon at the Boulder County Courthouse, 1500 Pearl Street.

The Washington, DC protest rally and march is part of a 3 day program, primarily organzied by United for Peace and Justice. The major focus of the event is the march and protest rally on Saturday, January 27th. Busses and caravans are headed for Washington. Be the Change USA will be represented by Tony Delcavo of our Board of Directors. Learn more by clicking HERE.\

Clean Campaigns Colorado
Our goal is to significantly reduce the polluting influence of corporations, lobbyists, and big money in the conduct of political campaigns in Colorado.
Be the Change USA hopes to work with other organizations and individuals to put forward a proposal that will provide for political campaigns to be publicly funded so that a wider range of talented candidates will step forward to run for public office. At least 7 states currently have some type of clean campaign program so we will strive to formulate a program that benefits from what other states have experienced.
Proposal Formulation and Organization Development Meeting:: A meeting will be held on January 7th to discuss a formulate a proposal to meet this goal in Colorado.
For more information link to the Clean Campaigns Colorado web page.
BTC Action Priorities for 2007

What Issues Should

Be the Change USA

Take On in 2007?

Our new poll asks for you to select the over the counter inhaler for allergies issue or issues that you think should be a priority next year. We believe that our programs and activities in the non-election years may be even more critical to the success of our progressive causes than the programs in the general election years.

The poll will allow you to select one issue each time you vote so if you want to give priority to more than one issue just keep voting. If you feel strongly about your number one priority you may vote for it twice. We are obviously not being scientific with this poll but the pattern of your votes will give us a good sense of direction. Thanks for your feedback.

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